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CHANGE THE WORLD (winner of Download to Donate / Music for Relief)

A SHINING STAR (Peter Pan's Magical

World of Neverland)

Magic In Everything - Roxy Darr
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Roxy Darr //Walt Disney Hall

"Somewhere" LA Lawyers Philharmonic

Roxy appeared as "Maria" from West Side Story singing "Somewhere" accompanied by the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic, alongside Tony Award Winner, Michael McGuire as Tony.  Disney legend, Ed Asner was also honored that evening... (more)...

Check out: "Somewhere" Walt Disney Hall

Roxy Darr //Indy Disney Meet 2018

"Give Kids the World"

Roxy Darr performs at the 11th Annual Indy Disney Meet 2018 in Noblesville, Indiana.  The annual event is held to raise money for "Give Kids the World Village", which provides an all expense paid trip to Walt Disney World for terminally ill children... (more)....

Check out: News Clip "Indy Disney"


Roxy Darr as "Wendy" in Peter

Pan //

Animated Series 

Roxy lands the role of Wendy in the animation "Peter Pan's Magical World of Neverland", starring Margaret Kerry, the original Tinker Bell.  Roxy will star as the voice of Wendy & write the original songs:   


Check out: "A Shining Star"



Roxy Darr //Global Launch Titanic II

Clive Palmer Tweets

Australian businessman and owner of Blue Star Cruise Line, Professor Clive Palmer has taken to YouTube and Twitter to praise singer/songwriter Roxy Darr for her performance at the recent Titanic II launch in New York...(more)...


Read full article...

_Somewhere_ Leonard Bernstein's West Sid
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